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Last night in Bohémic

It was raining .It was cold. My good friend Ramón and I we had a tough week. A really tough week. One of those weeks when you feel the world conspires to make you feel like shit. We felt defeated for a million different reasons too complicated and boring to explain here. We knew the only way to fight our gloom was to eat something really really really YUMMY, so we head to Bohémic ( c/ Manso 42, Barcelona)
If this place was in New York or Paris, the waiting list for a table will be endless . We booked a table easily. We sit in one of the 9 tables. We asked for almost all the things in the menu. Big small amazing things. S C R U M P T I O U S. 3 highlights: the “patatas bravas” ( the best in Barcelona, I swear!), the martini cup with the poached egg and a cream made by I-don’t-know-exactly-what, the exquisite cannelloni…. Two hours after, we felt the world conspiration against us was over.
And it stop raining.
Gracias, Mandu!




Song: “As tears go by” Antony and the Johnsons and Franco Battiato



La Pepita and you

Since the day ( nearly three years ago) they open “La Pepita” ( C/Córsega 343, Barcelona) I’m here very often (so often I think they begining to consider me part of the furniture) .
Sofia in the restaurant and her husband Sergio in the kitchen (with part of both families working with them, ask for Sophia’s mom, she’s lovely) are a young , warm and bright couple full of very good ideas . One of them is “la anchoa especial”. A DELICIOUS combination of anchovy and dulce de leche. I always try to eat just one and I never succeded. This anchovy makes me real happy. It’s like eating the best of two worlds : salt and sugar . They have other wonderful things , traditional tapas with a new twist, gigantic “croquetas de jamón”, fried eggs with artichokes and iberic ham, tuna tataki, eggplant fritters with goat cheese sauce and apple, calamari with kimchi sauce, foie with green tea and the house specialty : ”La Pepita” a grilled sandwich with very thin slices of bread , you can order in 10 different ways .
Life is easy in La Pepita.

Song: “Mireia”. Variety Lab (featuring David Bartholome)







The king of tortillas

Spanish tortillas have nothing to do with mexican tortillas, so if you go to “Las tortillas de Gabino“( C/ Rafael Calvo 20, MADRID) expecting guacamole, this is not the place.
Instead , you’ll find a cozy and fun restaurant with great things to share .
Start with a special “ensaladilla rusa con cigalas” (potato salad with mayonnaise and crawfish), follow with the boletus croquetas, the crunchy hot foie bombon, and take a look at the tortilla (omelette) menu , what changes every season. The tortillas are made with the freshest and tastiest organics eggs and with truly original ingredientes. Today I tried “la tortilla de patatas y pulpo” (Octopus and potatoes omelette). Believe me, even if the combination didn’t sound appealing at first, it was DELICIOUS beyond words.
The brie flan was simply the best flan I ever tried. This is an excellent place to share ….and then, ask for more and more things..





Song: “Be gentle with me” Boy likely least to.



Let’s imagine you are in Barcelona and you want to seduce someone you really really really fancy and you are on a budget. GINGER (Palma de Sant Just 1) is the answer to your prayers.
The moment you step in this bar , you’ll see what I mean. Wood low tables . Intimate lighting. Bill Evans or Chet Baker or Charles Mingus playing. It always makes me think of an Speakeasy in the Titanic, if such a thing existed.
Very good cocktails. Good wine selection. And an extremely good tapas menu who changes every season with two classic staples : the apple tart with foie and the ginger icecream.
Believe me if she or he (or ?) Is not seduced, this she, he (or ? ) has a problem. And it’s not meant for you.

Song: “Strange fruit” Billie Holliday.

Teresa’s paradise

Margarita Blue ( C/ Josep Anselm Clavé) is my favourite bar in Barcelona. The colours, the lights, the peculiar atmosphere full of expectation. A perfect marriage of Oaxaca and the gothic neighborhood. It’s a comfy place where you can sip margaritas, eat a dish of fried green tomatoes or quesadillas, talk about Hanna Arendt and Lena Durham and see a great concert of a group called The Fig Eaters, who look like they scape from “Some like it hot”. You can drink, you can flirt, you can dance and after several Margarita Blue, you will fly. Ask for the ibérico ham from Guijuelo: it’s one of the best in town. The green fried tomatoes are a must too.
Teresa Reyes, the queen of this tiny tropical kingdom is the perfect host. Ask for her and say you read about the place in “the best and the beast”. The nachos are on me.


Song: “Rata de dos patas” Paquita la del Barrio