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Best tempura

I must say I’m not a big fan of tempura. An my friend Misako knows that. So, when she insisted in taking me to KONDO (two Michelin stars) in the 9th floor of the Sakaguchi building in Ginza, I thought she would have a very good reason . And, as always, she was right.
It was perfection.
Watching the chef work and fry things was a lesson of elegance and delicacy.
Shitake. Chestnuts. Lotus roots. Onion. sweet potato. Sea eel.Shrimp heads. Asparagus. Eggplant. Uni with shiso. If I close my eyes I can feel in my tongue the aromatic fried shiso leave and I’m again in my beloved Tokyo.
I just want to say if the chef of KONDO will give me a fried shoelace I’ll eat it.
(I was so blown away by the food I totally forgot to take pictures!)

Norwegian wood“. The Beatles.