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Pintxos rock!

15 minutes from Barcelona, in Molins de Rei, hidden in a modern and undescripted neighborhood not far from the highway , you’ll find Traska Truska, a true basque place where you can enjoy an incredible selection of pintxos, like the ones you can find in el Casco Viejo of Bilbao or Donosti. No frills. You take yourself your dishes, forks and napkins . And you help yourself to the continuos trays of pintxos pouring from the kitchen: delicate lobster ravioli, wild mushrooms of all kinds, artichoke flan, octopus, croquetas, omelettes, foie home made. Don’t ask for a Coke because it’s not allowed. Great selection of wines. Friendly atmosphere and jazz concerts almost every Sunday.
Song: “Feeling good” Andrea Motis and Joan Chamorro







Avoid at all costs

In Barcelona, avoid at all costs a franchise called ” La baguetina catalana”. There’s not a single thing good about it. It’s ugly, bad, depressing and expensive. How they failed in something as simple as a “bocadillo” is simply astonishing.
Avoid also the restaurants or bars with colorful pictures of paella and sangría.
And if you see they advertise something called “Paella d’or”, start running as fast as you can.

Beware Momofuku!

By13 is a new catalan version of a japanese izakaya. The kitchen is tiny but the ideas are big and wonderful. You can just have a drink and a couple of tapas or follow one of the two tapas menu they offer. Put yourself in the hands of the young chef ( who remembered my obssesion with anchovies!) and have fun and enjoy the little delights he’ll prepare for you.
Two kinds of tartare: beef and tomato. The “croquetas” dough served in a little casserole    (when you are a kid in Spain and your mother is cooking, you just can’t stop putting your fingers in the croquetas dough). A wonderful dashi broth with a single shrimp dumpling. “Ensaladilla rusa” served as a sandwich between two thin slices of Sardinian bread. A delicious pork bun what can compete with the ones David Chang serves in Momofuku. Yummy mini blinis with shrimp tartare. And as a dessert an incredibly refreshing orange ice cream mixed with real orange. Friendly service who are eager to share their knowledge with you.
Song: Come rain or come shine. Ray Charles

By13 just open but it’s here to stay.







Venice in Barcelona

Baccaro is a little restaurant behind La Boquería market in Barcelona (calle Jerusalem) If you’re longing for Venice, this enchanting trattoria would’nt be out of place in Dorsoduro o la Giudecca. Ask for an spritz (or three) and the illusion will be complete.
Great calamari (served with artichokes and broccoli), sardines, grilled octopus, fegato (a thousand times better than in the Harry’s bar in Venice and the fifth of the price), cotelleta, and some beautiful pasta dishes ( I love the nero di sepia and whatever pasta al ragú). Fans of tiramisú will be happy too. Warm ambiance and great people working there.

Song : Senza Fine. Gino Paoli.