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Panzaburro in cloud nine

Panzaburro is the special kind of grey clouds that cover some Canary Islands from time to time. And it’s also the name of a lovely “gastrotasca” in a quiet street of Santa Cruz de Tenerife .
Great selection of croquetas, beetroot gazpacho, a extremely vitamin charged salad with flowers, fruits and delicious black tomatoes, duck magret, zucchini flowers stuffed with cod… Very good and friendly service, they make you feel at home. The terrace is a must!
Song: “Me quedo contigo“. Los Chunguitos .









Cherne and Garbanza

El puntero” is an authentic place to taste real food from Tenerife. Very friendly service. Bright colours. Colonial atmosphere what transports you to another time. Incredibly fresh seafood: tiny sardines, “sama” (daurade) , cherne (canary sea bass), camarones.. The house white wine is inexpensive and perfect to go with fish .
The inavoidable “papas arrugás” con “mojo” and tasty ” garbanzas” (chickpeas) are a must. Don’t forget the Huevos moles (a typical dessert with eggs, liquor, gofio and tons of sugar). Crowded at lunchtime, quieter at dinnertime.

Song: “Saudade” . Cesaria Évora




Why, Oh, why ??

Why ALL restaurants in Sofia (Bulgaria) have loud background music ( to the point it’s not background music anymore)?
Why MOST restaurants in Sofia (Bulgaria) have huge tv screens?
Why SOME restaurants in Sofía (Bulgaria) have loud background music AND tv ON at the same time?
And why, no matter the radio station, there’s always a Bon Jovi song on the air?


Siena or Sofia?

One of the things what defines a good restaurant is the quality of the product. I know it sounds common sense but this is what really separates mediocre places from good places. In
La Capannina“, EVERYTHING is top quality: the crispy sicilian bread they serve generously at the begining of the meal, the perfect funghi porcini, the fresh scampi (the freshest I ever taste in Bulgaria), the Home made ravioli with ricotta and sage…. I didn’t try the meat dishes but they look incredibly yummy in the table next to mine.
The restaurant ( just steps away from Alexander Nevsky cathedral) exudes a quiet and genuine italian charm, and the host is kind, smart and attentive. One of my top five recomendations in Sofia.





Song: Le signore de trenta anni fà

Welcome , masochists

If you want to be treated like shit, if you want to drink the worse Cosmopolitan ( *) on earth, if you want to listen Bon Jovi on a loop, if you want to be seated in the most uncomfortable seats ever and have a very angry-for- no reason waitress spat and shout at you like someone escaped from a madhouse from hell, look no further: CHOH in Sofía ( Bulgaria) is your place.
If you can’t stand none of those things, RUN! There’s plenty of great places in Sofía .
(*) it wasn’t a Cosmopolitan , it was Sangría from a can with a touch of Seven Up.



This is the sign of the worse place in Sofia. AVOID.