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Cheese lovers best friend

Forget fig jam , grapes or apples.
This amazing paste made with olives and dark honey my best friend Cristina, brought me from Palestine is THE BEST thing to pair with your favorite cheese . I ‘m going to treasure the remains of the jar. Actually there ‘s NOTHING in the jar. Sigh.

Song: Mack the knife ( the Mark Lonegan version )


Indian-Canadian menu

The Toronto based brasserie Brassai did a very good job with the party for my film ” Learning to drive” what was presented in Toronto Film Festival ( and won the Runner up Audience Award!!!)
The indian influenced menu ( the film’s main character is a sikh taxi driver played by Sir Ben Kingsley) they prepare for the gala dinner was very good but the triple dessert was simply espectacular. Even the people who never have dessert ( yes, there are a LOT of people in the world who refuse to even look at a dessert menu, it breaks my heart) literally finished the last crumb.


La tasquita de enfrente

Every time I visit this lovely restaurant in Madrid , I can’t stop mumbling with pleasure .
They have the truly best “Ensaladilla rusa” in the world. Trust me on this .
Ask for their “Carmencitas” ( something between a croquette and a fritter) . One of those things you just can’t stop eating.
Beautiful red tuna tataki with pisto ( the spanish Ratatouille). Great “chanterelles” with deep broth made with ibérico ham. Incredibly Fresh “ortiguillas “, something not so easy to find outside of Andalucía. In the menu you can find a dish what makes me feel very nostalgic : Raya con mantequilla negra. It was the signature dish of a restaurant I used to go all the time in Madrid ” La gastroteca”. They manage to capture the same taste and feel.
The walls in La tasquita de enfrente are covered with a very well curated selection of fascinating art pieces. The service is attentive, witty and charming. They made me discover a delicious champagne -Michel Gonet -what tastes like a breezy morning in Paris with croissants and a dedicated lover.




IMG_6484-0.JPG. Song: “Coming back” GOTYE

Maybe Sunday nights are not depressing after all

Love love LOVE Walsé. From the lighting to the paintings . The music ( well chosen and at the perfect level) . The waiter’s genuine kindness ( ok , maybe they are good actors) . The fact the restaurant is alive without being too crowded. And the food , of course!
I tried the scallops with thin sliced tomato and grilled watermelon . The sweetbreads with mashed potatoes . A green olive and basil sorbet. And Ruinart Blanc de Blancs. That was four days ago and I still have goosebumps thinking about the flavours, the textures, the combination of everything, the conversation, the warmth, the beautiful way to spend a Sunday night….
Song: “Unfolding fans” Andrew Bird





Sunset in Park Slope

I’ve been in Yamato just twice but the smile of the waiters make me feel like a member of their fiercy loyal legión of costumers. EVERYTHING here is very good. The lobster spring roll is tasty and delicate . The toro sashimi with a touch of jalapeño sauce, incredibly yummy. The salad with beets, pear, caramelized nuts and goat cheese has a perfect balance ( ok, goat cheese is something you’ll never find in a japanese restaurant in Japan, but this is New York) . Very good fluke with a touch of white truffle oil.
You can spend hours here watching the sun going down in 7th avenue , drinking Asahi and thinking of the things you’ll order in your next visit.





A sad tray

Dry chicken. Stale salad with the blandest black olives I ever tried. Bitter and thick as a brick chocolate cake.
Flying over the Atlantic ocean, I think about how with the same amount of money airlines can give people a decent meal.

Soundtrack: Le mal du pays. Lisz.