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Fall in Les Cols

Months ago I included a little film I did about my favourite restaurant in the world. Visiting the restaurant again , I just want to say , Fina Puigdevall, the amazing “Les Cols” chef has prepared a magnificent menu to celebrate the fall. The colors, the textures, the taste make you feel as part of the forest . This is a exhilarating menu . Subtle but strong. One tasting menu what makes you feel more human when you finished. With just Km 0 elements. Wild mushrooms , eggplant , pumpkin, asparagus, hidroponic lettuce, eggs from the hens you see meanwhile dining ( and they look really happy), wild roar, hare…. I never imagined a single asparagus can be so delicious until I tried the asparagus covered in edible ash here. The whole “Les Cols” experience is superb: the warm service, the way Manel, Fina’s husband introduce you to the dishes, the restaurant itself with the longest golden table on earth , having coffee – and sometimes a nap!- on the grass outside …. The Third Michelin star is on its way !




Songs: SLOW Leonard Cohen







I love chipirones.
I love pulpo .
Etxanove’s chef had the brilliant idea to combine the two of them and the result Is this superb dish , served in a poached sweet onion bed.
I had the fortune to try this and other delicacies ( the aubergine is soooo good , and the ajoblanco, and the canelloni made with “pularda”) with one my favorite writers , Julian Barnes, thanks to the Festival de la Risa ‘s amazing people.
Good food, good conversation, good laughs. Who can ask for anything more?
Song: Hirabi Misora “It takes two to tango”

Best coffee in Gràcia

There’s a million places in my neighborhood to have coffee but Nabucco is the best. Velvety, strong , harmonic. I can have three of their macchiatos on a roll and feel awake, clear minded and calm.
Great cakes, tarts , brownies , croissants, panini and cookies. Juices to cure a hangover or a cold.
But the outstanding thing here are the home made tiramisú and the panna cota in different flavours ( I love the panna cota with coconut and the amazing tiramisú al limoncello)
Warm and relaxing atmosphere in the middle of the boisterous Plaça Vila de Gràcia.
Song: Vía con me. Paolo Conte





Toro Topik

Sometimes one remains without adjetives to describe things.
The fatty tuna belly ( “toro in japanese, ventresca in spanish”) in TOPIK is one of these things that it leaves you without words. Probably the freshest and with the most perfect touch in Barcelona. A true delicacy.
I take all my picky japanese friends there and they always come back.
Very good croquetas and classic tapas with a twist and a rich japanese influence ( the owner has worked in Japan many years)
Try also whatever rice they have on the menu .
Omskare samadès!
Song: “La vie en Rose” sang by Hibari Misora.