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Soul in the middle of Barcelona

The hotel ALMA ( Soul) is a gem almost hidden , steps away from
Passeig de Gràcia, la Pedrera, and the zillion tourists invading the centre of Barcelona. Its amazing and incredibly quiet garden is the perfect place to be from sunrise to sunset to have breakfast, coffee , wine or a cocktail with friends, lovers or just by yourself.
The restaurant of the hotel is one of the most pleasant and underrated places in town. The menu is short but well balanced. Rigatoni with Pumpkin, sage and “idiazábal” cheese. Sea scallops with bacon and spinach cream. Monkfisk with eggplant purée. And a delicious dessert made with cream and lemon. In the wine list , a very interesting wine you can find in very few places: Tayamgut, a special Sauvignon Blanc with a unique touch.
A sip of Tayamgut takes you to a summer night in an olive tree field by the moonlight.
The restaurant has a charming and very efficient service and a truly relaxing atmosphere. Share it just with people you trust , por favor!
Song: “Encore une fois” Gerard Darmon








Two Paris landmarks ( for me)

I shoot my segment of “Paris je t’aime” in the “Le square Trousseau” restaurant . And I shoot it here because I wrote it here sipping endless cups of coffee and munching croissants . And also because La blanquette de veau has a familiar taste I can’t trace yet, the waiters are grumpy but fun and le champagne maison is good and inexpensive.
My dream is to write another script there about love, loss and the best way to clean a laptop from croissant crumbles.
Sufjan Stevens: “A free man in Paris”

My second personal landmark in Paris is the bar bookshop “La Belle hortense”. I love the champagne and wine selection, the books are very well chosen and you feel the time passes here in the slowest and more pleasant possible way. I discover Annie Ernaux there and Christine Angot, two perfect authors to spend a hangover with.


Macha Kit-Kat

Is there anything better than a macha Kit-Kat shared with a good friend in the isolated space of a sound studio working in a very unique movie?
I don’t think so.
( we’re running out of Macha Kit-kats , help!!!)
Song: Asian Dub Foundation “This land is not for sale”


Ramen for the soul

Ramen is not about how many hours the people in the kitchen boiled pigs feet or miso paste or tamago. After tasting ( and slurping) ramen in many countries of the world and in many cities in Japan , I only know there’s something completely addictive and conforting in a BIG hot bowl of ramen and somedays ( even in the hottest moment of summer) your stomach, soul and mind are CRAVING for IT and there’s NOTHING you can do.
There’s not a LOT of places in Barcelona for good ramen. KOKU kitchen is one of the few. I Love the dark and little street ( Carabassa) where it’s set and the lighting and the kind service. Good gyozas and tasty ramen. And smelling the fragant broth , I close my eyes and I think I’m in Shinjuku station, waiting for a train to Hokkaido.
( And the deserts are to die for!)

Song : “Butterfly crab walk”