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The Bao At St Marks Place

Amazing Xiao-Lao-Bao dumplings ( dumplings filled with broth) . Try the wasabi infused ones if you want to get rid of the cold outside. The iced tomato with honey makes a good balance with the dumplings ( smoked salt would enhance its taste, it’s just a suggestion!)

Don’t  even try to go at dinner time in weekends: long and messy line.

Song: Dee-lite ” Groove is in the heart” ( The first time I went to St Marks Place a zillion years ago, I watched the shoot  for the music video for this song !)


The best french fries are in Chad

Maybe it’s the smile with they share them with you. Maybe it’s the fact there’s not a ton of options. The thing is the french fries in D’Jamena , soaked in the local hot sauce are excellent. And the “thé chadien” is amazing and it gives you lots of  energy to start the day.

Sra Bua

Thanks to the Pandora films people, I discovered this great place in Berlin, the last outpost of Tim Raue,
How to begin? Place yourself in the hands of the maître , relax, fly, eat, dream and enjoy.
I have to say I ‘m never fond of “pan asian” restaurants ( they smell like Las Vegas restaurants where they spend more in orchids than in a decent oil!) but this one uses in a very clever and interesting way elements of Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and China .
It’s one of these places which can cheer you up ( and it did!, thanks Nina and Reinhardt!)










If you love Wong Kar Wai….

as much as I do, you’ll love this place.
The Golden mall food basement in Flushing has the charm of Chunking Express or the tiny corridors where the two lovers of “In the mood for love” exchange glances.
Try the dumplings in Dumpling Galaxy and order them custom made: my combination of coriander, pumpkin and pork was very good. And 5$ for a dozen steamed or fried dumplings is a bargain , you’ll not find somewhere else . The sea bass dumplings are a little more expensive (7$) but they are worth it.
The home made noodles are to die for and also the scallion pancakes and the million unknown things you can try here.
It’s messy, not very clean, chaotic and genuine: my kind of place.










“In the mood for love ” soundtrack



On a corner of Vanderbilt street in Brooklyn you can find one of the best ramen of nyc. The fragant broth is simply delicious in all its variations : miso, soy, pork, kimchi… The ramen is excellent . But the apetizers are very good too: crunchy brussels sprouts, shrimp with chili mayo bun , pork buns, kale salad with pear and peanuts.
Forget the wines ( bland and overpriced) and go for the sake.
In winter, avoid the dinner time if you don’t want to freeze your ass off: the waiting can go for almost an hour. If you get tired to wait, go to “Le gamin”next door and ask for an onion soup.
Cash only.


Song: “Mambo solitario” Quaaq and Smaak

Plane food

Whoever cook the thai green curry chicken served in the economy class United flight 121 Barcelona/Newark ( With an odd stop in Maine) did a really good job!! I mean it: tender, right ammount of hot sauce, rice cooked to perfection , nice touch of braised leeks. I was so taken back and surprised I forgot to take a picture.
Congrats to the unknown cook.