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The oyster boys at Maison Premiére

At the oyster bar at Maison Premiére in Williamsburgh, there are two  mexican guys opening oysters. Some nights they can open  600 oysters each.  I’m seating at the bar watching them working non-stop ( literally non-stop) and I see how skilled they are ….and how the waiters and waitresses here don’t even look at them.  


Song: La Banda. Chico Buarque


Solomonoff and the egg






  Song: “C’est si bon ” Cucharita y cia.



 Last  night in Txiquito ( 240 9th Avenue nyc)  artichoke, eggplant, asparagus, minicilantro, verdejo, train stories , foie ( mmmmmm…) smoked sardines, ideas, caulifliwer with poached egg and true friendship. Gracias, Julia!!!!

Cortado and The Cure

  I’m furious every time some music critic says Robert Smith is not a good composer. I feel like when someone criticises my cousins or my aunts ( I have 5 aunts ). 

( listening an entire The Cure album at Rucola in Boerum Hill and drinking cortado after cortado)Edit


Marlow and daughters, Marlow and sons 




As my friend Filippo says “Marlow and daughters” is the Gucci of the foodstores in Williamsburgh : the best of the best of cheese and meat selection .

And they have the sauces with the funniest names: RANCHO GORDO, SALSA DE HUMO…

The Marlow and sons restaurant , Just a few steps away of the grocery store, has the best pastry selections ,  very good coffee, and great waiters and waitresses!!             Song: Boys and Girls . Alabama shakes

The morning after rice


 To fight a hangover: heat  the rice leftovers of the day before thai takeaway . Eat directly from the container.Bye, hangover.

Well, ibuprofen helps too.

Song: “Broken bicycles “. Crystal Gayle ( from the “One from the heart ” soundtrack.