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Els tres porquets

Els tres porquets ( “The three piglets”) is a charming and casual restaurant at the top ( near Gran Vía) of La Rambla del Poble Nou. Lots of amazing things to share , merging all kind of traditions effortlessly :  croquetas ( with cheese and chorizo) , zuchini flowers filled with cod and served with two kinds of sauces ( ratatouille and truffled mayonnaise with pine nuts) , grilled razor clams, duck egg with morilles and foie, “alambre” ( meat with cheese , green pepper, tomatoe and coriander) , smoked sardines , rice with cod… Very interesting spanish wine selection and a great team of waiters and cooks , passionate about food and eager to share their knowledge with you. 

             Song: “Whiplash soundtrack”


10 things to do, eat, drink and smell in Málaga

1-Visit the new Pompidou museum and don’t miss the unforgettable instalation of the algerian artist Kadder Attia “Ghost” or the tiny but incredibly powerful Francis Bacon self-portrait.

 2- Try the 8 diffferent ways of cooking ( and not cooking) “Almadraba “tuna they offer in the Garum Restaurant. A  true delicacy. 

 3- Drink the wines of the unknown Axarquía zone, specially the whites  Botani ( moscatel) and the Ariyanas seco. 

4- Eat “Berenjenas fritas  con miel” ( fried eggplants with honey ) . They are everywhere, you’ll discover soon the best places. It’s the first thing I ask for the moment I step in Málaga.  

 5- Smell the “Biznaga” branches, the local jasmin. Sweet but not overpowering. 

6- Drink coffee like a local in el Café Central and learn about the  10 different combinations of coffee with curious names like “Nube” ( cloud) or ” No me lo ponga”( “don’t serve it”) 

 7-Eat in front of the sea in “El balneario” . It’s the most romantic place in Málaga when the moon is full. Or to watch the sunset. 

 8- Buy almonds in the street. The best almonds in the world ( no kidding) 

 9-Try the “helado de boletus” ( wild mushroom ice cream) or the “culant de patata trufada ” in Suovi tapería, a tiny bar in Afligidos street where you’ll find the most creative tapas in town.

10- After a long day visiting Málaga, go directly to the beautiful Hammam Al Andalus,to soak in the different pools and have a massage. Pure bliss.

Song: “Really love” . D’angelo.

Huevo de toro ( bull’s egg)

  That’s the name Málaga’s people give to these special tomatoes. With salt and good olive oil, best thing ever! ( we had them in the popular Casa Pimpi in Málaga , a popular tapas place with the most efficient and nice waiters on the town)

      Song: Papa loves mambo. Perry Como

Iberic gyozas


Song: Fire and rain. James Taylor  




 The Nomo restaurante in Gràcia ( Barcelona) has the best gyozas in town. And now they introduced a new generation of gyozas with spanish ingredients: what they called the iberic gyozas. On the paper sounds odd but they taste really good: sobrassada, iberic ham, parmesan cheese, butifarra, ceps… Tokio goes to la Mancha but it works! ( the chicken with shitake and the tuna tataki with avocado is spectacular  too!)


Pau Arenós is probably the person with a deeper knowledge of the food world in the entire planet ( no kidding). So when he said I had to try the Bar Bas , I knew there were lots of good things waiting for me. At first , I was surprised by the location, sandwiched between several tourists traps ( the kind of places  sadly very common in Barcelona with paella pictures in old Technicolor) but  Bar Bas is in another entire different level. Very good product and very classic execution: croquetas, ensaladilla rusa, calamares , all kinds of very fresh seafood simply grilled, and an espectacular tortilla de patatas with brava sauce. That tortilla is for me the closest thing of food porn ever: don’t miss it!

         Song: So Oh. The charlatans

Pollería Fontana



 A great place in Gràcia, next to Plaça Virreina.  Amazingly  crunchy and soft chicken croquetas. Delicious ensaladilla rusa with a black olivada touch. Absolutely yummy calamar on a “trumpetes de la mort” parmentier with fried artichoke and ham ( this is one of this dishes you ‘ll remember when you wake up next day) . And to finish , a gorgeous desert: coconut foam with white chocolat and maracuya mousse: airy and subtle like a forgotten kiss. I can’t wait to come back to Pollería Fontana ( thanks, Carla, you were absolutely right, this place rocks!!!)   

Song : Common people . Pulp. (It was playing in Pollería Fontana when they bring the ensaladilla rusa. I took IT as a sign. A good one)   

C A L Ç O T A D A!!!!!

Calçots: a green scallion grilled , you  nirmally eat from February to April in Catalunya.

Calçotada: feast with calçots . You must peel The thing and dip IT in romesco sauce and transport to your mouth. It’s messy, dirty , fun, divine and one of the most delicious and underrated things you can eat .

There’s no words to describe how good it is.   

A million thanks to my neighbour who gave me the perfect gift this morning. The best calçots of my life.                       Song: “Qualsevol nit pot surtir el sol” SISA