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Hotel de Las Letras

This is my favorite hotel in Madrid. I’ve coming here since they opened it and I’ve spend many memorable moments . Now I have two more reasons to keep coming

1- Botijo. In the rooms with terrace you’ll find this very traditional way to keep water cool. 

 2- One of the desserts in the menu, creation of the chef Paco Morales. Leche de soja con gengibre, tofee , chocolate blanco y cremoso de limón ” ( soy ginger milk with tofee , white chocolate and lemon cream). Unforgettable!! 

 Song: “Elevator song” Keaton Henson.


Cafetería La Flor

One of this rare places unchanged since the seventies with plastic flowers, a huge and dusty owl collection and the BEST tapa of tortilla de patatas in Madrid FOR FREE when you ask for a beer or for even coffee . Next to cines Conde Duque in Madrid ( Alberto Aguilera street).  

   Song: ” Perfidia” Luis Mariano

The ugliest cupcake in the world

  Covered with sweet coloured stale  popcorn, this cupcake is an abomination. Seen in Horno San Onofre (Madrid) 

The second runner is this cookie monster cupcake .  

 Song:” No hay nada mas triste” . Hidrogenesse 

  The bread with “frutos rojos” is not a pretty sight either.

Taverteca el Tiet





Song: “Sex machine” James Brown  

  Teresa Reyes, the owner of the wonderful Margarita Blue ( see old post) discovered  and took me to this truly gem in Corcega street in Barcelona. El Tiet is a great , unpretentious, cozy gastrobar with small tapas and great dishes at a very reasonable prices. The two waitresses are smart, nice and very attentive with a deep knowledge of the food they are serving and the wines to go with it. Things I tried: fried eggplants with honey ( I guess by now you know how obssesed I am with eggplants!)   Two kinds of “croquetas”traditional and with black calamari ink, delicious “ensaladilla rusa” with shrimps, amazing prawn risotto, tasty tiny patatas bravas, egg parmentier perfectly executed,  beautiful foie with pears and “pain d’épices”… Great desserts: smooth tiramisú and creamy lemon cheese cake with meringue served on a cup. Thanks for the tip, Teresa, I’m in my third time at el Tiet and it’s getting even better!!! 


Disfrutar es esto

DISFRUTAR ( “enjoy”) is the name of  , right now, THE BEST , funniest, tastiest, coziest, most enjoyable ,technically awesome,  and less pretentious restaurant in Barcelona ( and in the continent!) . If you don’t believe me, watch the video!


Gelato wars

  In one of my earliest posts I talked about la Gelateria dell Teatro in Rome and its incredible flavours. Yesterday I discovered Punto Gelato and I must say their” Mozzarella di buffala con tomatini e basil” ice cream is one the best ice creams  I’ve ever had . Not to sweet, you can taste the mozzarella , the tomatoes and the basil with a wonderful and peculiar intensity.  The lemon ricotta cheese cake flavour , the “ricotta stregata”and the pumpkin with pumpkin seeds and pine nuts were extraordinary  too.


  Don’t leave Rome without tasting   them and you will thank me!