Monthly Archives: June 2015

Marshmallows in Paris

They called them “Guimauve” here. You can find the best ones with the most exotic flavours in a modest boulangerie nearby the Luxembourg gardens called” Piccadis” ( 8 Rue Guy Lussac”. The “caramel au beurre saléé ” is to die for! 





El suquet de l’Almirall

Great place in the Barceloneta neighborhood ( Barcelona) where sometimes restaurants are tourists traps . From the olives with orange peel they offer you as you seat , to the desserts , a great experience for paella and fish lovers. La paella “del senyoret” , the “arroz negro” and the “lubina a la sal ” are amazing  .  Great service too. 


Just being here you feel instantly healthier and brighter. It’s a mostly vegetarian restaurant  ( in Barcelona, carrer Tallers) but there is  fish in the menu too. There are good raw and gluten free options.The grilled watermelon  is my favorite  starter and the juices from Teresa’s juicery are the best . Great place for brunch: eggs benedict to die for! 


Tapas molecular bar ( Tokyo)

This place is for honeymooners/Instagram addicts/ Cirque du soleil fans. The rest of us , we can skip it and go to the next ramen shop on the subway. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun place to be if you love “trompe d’oeil” ( “it’s not an egg, the yolk is pumpkin!!”). But after the first surprise,  the flavours are bland. The single piece of meat was really tasty. The rest, just style over substance. More than molecular , this is a kawaii kitchen.