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Press for champagne in Bob bob Ricard

     This London restaurant offers the atmosphere of a russian technicolor movie circa 1965. Food is eclectic with russian touches: You can have caviar, oysters ,lobster and shrimp “pelmeni”, and, if you have a booth you can use the marvellous “press for champagne” button and all of a sudden, champagne will appear at your table served by very patient and polite waiters. Skip the salmon tartare,it was bland and tasteless. Very good desserts : pearl with red fruits compote  

 and créme bruléé con dulce de leche ( RUSSIAN dulce de leche, of course….) 

Life would be so much easier with press for champagne buttons everywhere…



The great parade

I love the parade of waiters showing  the day specials and the yummy deserts in LA BODEGA ( Plaça Molina, Barcelona) . Don’t miss the coconut pudding! 

Un Auténtico Robo

Terraza del hotel The Serras, ( Paseo Colón, Barcelona)  8 de la tarde. Dos copas de Ruinart Blanc de Blancs servidas en COPAS de PLÁSTICO. Plato de chips RANCIAS. Cuando protestamos, la camarera se ríe (?) y nos trae un ridículo plato de cacahuetes y kikos rancios tambien. Para rematar nos cobran 30 euros. Me prometo a mí misma, no volver a pisar  este lugar.  


Forget the cronut, welcome to the CHEESE CAKE croissant

In Fusina street in Barcelona, Oriol Balaguer an expert in chocolate and  a cake master has just  open ” La Xocolatería”  where you can find  ice creams, chocolate in every shape and flavour , everything to create your  own cakes and  pies and…

 three amazing croissants: the classic one, the almond with creme and the CHEESE CAKE CROISSANT. It’s a sin. One more example of pure food porn.