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Best hotel in NYC

  Love love love The Crosby hotel: one of the few hotels in NYC that make You  feel at home even after a 10 night stay! I like the garden(just for guests!), the laid back atmosphere, the breakfast ( the salmon in the eggs benedict was to die for) , service ( kind , friendly without being overfussy),  rooms, screening room…and the fun dog theme in every detail. Very well selected and reasonable priced wine selection. The crushed avocado on toast in the room service menu is highly recommended.  

    Song:” Hairless toys ” Roïsin Murphy



NARRU: Best calamares in San Sebastian

  This is my new favourite place in San Sebastian: NARRU. In front of La Concha, in the first floor of the Niza hotel  but far away from el Casco Viejo chaos. Los “calamares bien hechos” are just the best I’ve ever tried. Perfect rissotto with boletus and foie and amazing rice “socarrat” with shrimps. Langostino con tomate y piñones. Great anchovies. Nice waiters, Good prices and the  white wine verdejo Jose Galo by the glass. Who can ask for anything more???? 


My San Sebastian Pintxos

Let’s face it: it’s very difficult to have a bad culinary experience in San Sebastian. You have here the three best restaurants in Spain:  Arzak, Akelarre and Mugaritz. But if you are looking to have fun and try the pintxo’s way ( or what they call here “la cocina en miniatura”) here are some of my personal recommendations ( ask the locals and probably they’ll tell you about other places but I’m sure they’ll mention some of these )

BAR NÉSTOR : amazing  spanish omelette (at 1 pm and at 8 pm, hurry up because everybody comes there to try it ) . Great tomato salad. Meat to die for ( Chuletón) 


A great fun place with incredibly fast and diligent waiters and a good wine selection. Mini vegetables casserole. Helado de txangurro. Tuna tartare with watermelon and tomato with mint. And  






  I don’t like vermouth but the olives filled with vermuth gelatin are very good!!!!

LA CUCHARA DE SAN TELMO I’m coming here since they open and the quality is always consistent. Gambón a la sal. Great burrata and asparagus salad. Scallops, pulpo, tuna with ponzu sauce, txipirones, foie… It”s always crowded so be patient and fight for your pintxo!!!

 ZUREKO probably the most creative of the el casco Viejo pintxos bars. Charming and smart waiters. Canalón con Pedro Ximénez e Idiázabal . Txipirones con mango. txipirones con foie.  Don’t forget to ask for el Bacalao smoked  in a small grill and The Rose.   And the best dessert of Donosti: BOB LIMON!!!! 


Everything is good here but el jamón and los Boletus a la plancha are incredible. 



if you are looking for a place to relax, unwind and calm, don’t look further: Posada Magoría in the tiny village of Ansó ( Huesca, Spain) is the perfect place for you. Teresa and Enrique, the charming hosts,  will welcome you with a smile into their 9 room casa rural and you’ll enter an enchanted house where the time passes with a completely different pace. They serve delicious  homemade vegetarian breakfast and dinner . Dogs are welcome. A few days here are the equivalent to a season in a posh ashram.  



The BEST spanish yoghurt

Believe me: after years and years of tasting yoghurts of all kinds , I discover the artisanal label “Pastoret” and their latest creation Limón  & hierbabuena. Dangerously good!!

 Song: Georges Brassens “Les sabots d’Helene”