Monthly Archives: September 2015

Nightmare hotels

 Some hotels in London are managed by people who never have been in an hotel before.Or maybe by people who just plain hate mankind. Creepy Queen’s portraits. Weird arrangements for the tissues in the tissues’s box. Impossible Hair dryer attached in the drawer( ???). Shower cabin for anorexic dwarfs. Avoid. Strathmore hotel. ­čśľ­čśľ­čśľ­čśľ­čśľ

Maison Plisson

This boho hangout offers  very basic fare ( salads, charcuterie)  



 for very chic people. Three things to highlight:the waiters, probably the nicer people in Paris , an extremely good  champagne maison,  offered in big glasses at a great price, and an amazingly airy chocolate mousse.

On toast

Almost everything in England is on toast: eggs, hummus, cheese…and even  skippers. In Robin Hoods’s Bay ( Yorkshire) , the lovely  Old Post office tea shop offers a cozy place for cream tea and all kinds of things on toast. The village  is one of  the most beautiful places in the Yorkshire coast.


Citric game

A refreshing gem of a cake in “Xococake”, a chocolate shop with all kinds of chocolates and butter croissants to die for , in the centre of Barcelona ( Gran de Gr├ácia). With grapefruit, orange, lime , ginger and lemon mousse , this is one of the lightest and tastiest cakes I ever tried. 


Ice cream heaven

There’s more ice cream shops in Gr├ácia ( Barcelona) than any other neighborhood in the city. But Ottimo ( Pla├ža Vila de Gr├ácia) .

Ottimo is one of the best. Their pure fruit sorbets are superb ( pear, apple, melon, tangerine). Try the affogato ( spresso with vanilla ice cream) or the one in the picture, my favourite: combination of mascarcapone, nocciola and coconut. 


Betlem, miscelànea gastronòmica

Betlem is a small scale bar in Girona street 70 ( Barcelona) . But there’s nothing small in their dishes: Ravioli with “buey de mar” in a deliciously exotic lime and coconut sauce, beautiful tiny and tasty mussels in a superb herb sauce,grilled octopus with escalivada to die for,  steak tartare made with Meat from Girona, spectacular tuna tataki with smoked eggplant and amazing desserts…. Cozy atmosphere and reasonably priced, the three tables outside are a must.