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Los Zagales: fun tapas in Valladolid

  They have names like “Obama in the White house “”Tigretostón” ” Tierra, mar y aire” “Pata negra” or “Paper bag” And they are bloody good! 





 Thank God it’s a limited edition.


A 5 euro wine…

….can be very good.  This Is from Valencia. And whatever Robert Parker has to say, it’s an excellent velvety smooth red. Tell your guests you paid 40 euros and they ‘ll love it even more. Found in Lidl.


Autumn flower

  8 well spend euros in La Boquería market today.After buying it, I ran Home , trying to avoid the army of juice  drinking tourists who invade the market day and  night. There are lots of Very interesting markets in Barcelona. But the tourists just care about La Boquería. I don’t get it. 



  Qualsevol nit pot sortir el sol ( Sisa)

 When You arrive Very hungry in a Sunday late foggy night to a little village  in the South of France  ( Molitg les Bains) and  not just they give  you a huge tray with  ham, good cheese, tomatoes, almonds , olives, apples and grapes,but Nico, the owner, sings, dances, talks and jokes with You ( And he even let You feed his cat!!) the world seems a nicer place.