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A place out of time and space

You will not find this place in any gastronomic guide . It’s not the kind of place to spend a romantic dinner. Don’t expect amuse-gueule or mid lunch sorbet to clean your palate. But for those days when you need comfort food and the mention of molecular kitchen makes you yawn, El marino ( CastellolĂ­, Barcelona) has the odd charm of a forgotten place build in the sixties offering honest and basic catalan fare .
Two terrific dishes I highly recommend in a winter day: ESCUDELLA , a traditional catalan soup served in huge portions ( one of the best version of this dish I ever tried!) and FRICANDĂ“ ,very tender veal cooked with carrots, potatoes in a tasty dark sauce. In summer their “ESCALIVADA with ANCHOVIES” is very good.
They also make a wonderful paella ( but you have to call two days in advance) .
The spresso from Mythic coffee is very good.
“El marino” is the perfect place to be in a winter lazy Saturday. Ask for the table near the giant fire place and far from the tv.


A pesar de todo“. Lola Flores